Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Agriculture Apps

Agriculture apps is a new power in the hands of hardworking farmers who work in isolated and lonely environment away from cities or populations

Due to arrival of smart phones farmers can enjoy the power of computer anywhere via their smart phones using the agriculture apps.

The apps work like a computer software but offers the convenience of computing at any place and on farm due to cellular data connection.

Many good agricultural apps are available for downloads.

Some  apps are really good but at the same time many apps are developed by junior IT professionals. Before inputting and storing critical farm data use your discretion.

Most of the apps provide farming information. Some provides tools to  process  farming data and helps decision making. Some provides real time market prices or weather updates. 

In future they will play important role in farm productivity, sustainable income from farming and improve farming practices.

Agriculture Classifieds

Agriculture classified a free and powerful new tool for Indian farmers.

Agriculture classifieds help you reach out to more than 6 lac farmers or agriculture buyers or agriculture sellers.

This is one of the fastest and efficient way of selling or buying agriculture products or agricultural services.

Some times some ads are misleading. That is one of the negative side but before you send money please do your own due diligence of sellers or buyers who remain unknown most of the time.

Agriculture Equipments

Indian agriculture is moving towards farm mechanization.

Lot of new new age machines are seen in the market. 

Harvester were a novelty 10 years ago but now a common sight.

The pace of farm mechanization will grow in future.

Indiaagronet.com is keen to cover such new equipment and wants to share the machinery users experiences. Pl. post your experience here for the common benefit of Indian  farmers.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Agriculture Jobs

The world population is growing rapidly. The income growth and exposure to good lifestyle is changing food habits across the globe. This will increase the need for better and variety of food items.

To grow  sufficient food to growing population and to provide variety of foods farmers will need trained agriculture experts.

This seems a good news for all agriculture students.

The future seems to be bright for all agricultural university students. The shortage of talent will result in better compensations.

Certainly a good time to be in Agriculture.